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Meditation – Easy as 3-2-1

When people learn that I meditate regularly they often ask me what I do.  I posted this short article to BuzzFeed to describe what I’ve learned. I remember in college being intrigued by… Continue reading

International Day of Peace – Common Ground Fair- Unity, ME

It seemed a fitting place to be for International Day of Peace – Unity, ME, with many organic farmers and homesteaders and livestock. I think our unidentified old apple tree could be a… Continue reading

Welcome to My New Office

  2014 is a Horse of a Different Color for Me. I am so excited that I now work from home. This is a long time dream come true. Thank you Universe! I… Continue reading

Peace Wendell Berry

Higher D Blue Sphere of Light Surrounds the Gaia-ic Globe

Originally posted on GaiaPortal:
Higher D Blue Sphere of Light surrounds the Gaia-ic Globe. Sparkles of point crystals shimmer in this High Atmosphere. Standardized protocols have now faded completely from Gaia intention space.…

The Garden – Synchronicity

I am reading “Autobiography of a Yogi” by Paramhansa Yogananda.  I was very surprised to find this book, and more so that I had not ever heard of it before when it is… Continue reading

Open to Receive

I’ve heard it said that there is an immense storehouse of potential wishes we’ve created that would manifest if we could only be open to receive it. How does one know if one… Continue reading

Make yourself happy or give to “Other” as the first priority?

Lately I’m puzzled by varying ideas of the purpose or goal of this Game of Life or Virtual Reality or, just “what is”.  I have gotten a great deal of useful and exciting… Continue reading